QBee™ – A great place to start.

Play, share, have fun, keep memories safe, access files on the go, control, connect, interact, surprise.

QBee is the only system that allows to do all this in a simple, seamless way.

QBee is an all in one system that is built to evolve and grow and that combines all entertainment needs with everything the connected home can offer - right now and in the future.

Qbee is compatible with all the standards and supports AllJoyn - it makes the Internet of Things tangible, understandable, real.

It’s about time.

Just Play ...

Music, photos, videos…the entertainment you love, the memories you share.

The QBee Gateway allows you to play anything from the built-in hard drive, any connected storage device or the Internet. Whether your content is stored locally or streamed from your favourite apps, QBee gives you a seamless, enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

The QBee Gateway is Android™ based. This means you can swiftly switch from QBee to any of your favourite Apps and access the content you want.

Access on the go ...

QBee is also a simple, private, easy to use and secure Personal Cloud solution.

With QBee you can leave all your files at home and access them remotely and securely from any device.

Store your contents on the built-in hard drive or any USB hard drive that you connect to the QBee Gateway. Using the App, you can access all those contents on the go. Access has never been so easy.

... and always be in Control

The real QBee difference? A perfect user experience that gives control a new meaning.

Control your home

The camera and the switch combine a wide range of sensors that give you the information you care about.

You can define your own scenes where various devices work in sequences.

In all simplicity.

Multitalented devices

With every QBee Device you can have multiple applications that make your life easier. You predefine the roles they play in your favourite scenarios and they will play them as and when you wish. For instance, your QBee Camera is not only an additional eye, but can be a baby phone or the trigger to set the room temperature. Your QBee Switch can become your power usage monitor ...

Simply ingenious.

Control your QBee system

Assign a certain behaviour to each device. No need for complicated setup or configuration.

Customize your apps depending on what you frequently use and how you use it. Move the tiles around, color them as you like.

Use the QBee remote and its smart favorite functions to trigger scenes without ever having to switch the TV on.

A fun experience

No matter on which device you use it, the QBee User Interface allows to find, organise and play whatever you like in a simple and intuitive manner.

Shift your tiles around, colour them, put them in order of preference and frequent usage ...

They’re all yours.

Control your future needs

You think that so much is yet to come? We think that too.

QBee is open, adaptable and scalable. It will integrate all the clever devices, all the new applications to come.

Bringing entertainment and control together has never been more fun.

Start the Shift now.

It‘s about time.